Monday, October 25, 2010

The Magic of Emotion

I've talked about the physical aspects of emotion in my previous article: The Nature of Emotion. In this short article I'd like to talk about the “magical” aspect of emotion. While I believe emotion to be a reactive part of the brain activated primarily the physical environment, I also believe that simply feeling an emotion is activating a “vibration” or “silent sound” and that it has an effect in the world around us. I can not explain what this force is, I can only talk about my experience with it.

The reality we live in molds itself so that our experience while we are here reflects the feelings we hold true. When we allow ourselves to feel an emotion we are playing a metaphorical key on an instrument; the reality we live in is listening to the song our heart is playing and responding to us with things that match our song. This means that if you are playing a sad song the universe is going to give you sad things so that your song will improve. Sure you will get more sad but your song will become more defined. It's our responsibility is to pay attention to our song and be sure to play a beautiful one. I believe that the more people living from their heart and playing a beautiful song the better our collective world will become. Once we are playing a beautiful song ourselves others around us will start picking up the beat and the song will spread. When you watch the news is your heart playing a happy song? When you fight with a spouse over a trivial misunderstanding how does your song sound? What about when you're on a beach with friends? Our one and only responsibility in this life is to find a beautiful song and play that and only that. The attractive properties of our emotions will draw to us the experiences that match our song and our lives will improve – as long as we are playing a happy song. By getting to know ourselves and consciously choosing our feelings we are performing a magical song which draws to us the experiences we desire. 

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