Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Power to Choose

Choice is a force unlike will power in that one must choose to invoke it. The force that is choice, while it is always being used, can be used to not choose. When we choose to not decide our power of choice begins to run on auto-pilot. This tends to lead to the oh-so-popular "I don't know" or "I don't care" attitude. Lack of choosing can lead to our lives loosing focus. When we lose our focus we end up walking around applying the mighty force of will power in a scattered fashion; this amounts to chaos or stagnation in our lives. When we learn to invoke our power to choose our will power focuses on that decision and choice becomes easier and easier. Will power and intent are both subservient to choice. For, without the power to choose for ourselves intent and will power vanish.

It must be recognized that we decide the direction of our lives. We either actively choose things for ourselves or we choose things for ourselves by default by not choosing. Either way, the outcome is totally on us. When we make a decision to go after something we want and we set that decision into motion using our intent, it is then that our will power takes the wheel. If we can then remain focused on our desired (intended) outcome the power of our will is added to by that focused intent. The more we are able to retain the feeling of receiving what it is we desire the more in-tune our will power becomes, until eventually that which we desire is a vibrational match to our will; when this happens the intended result seems to just fall into our hands. This is how I believe the law of attraction works. By choosing to transform our will into that which we want we attract it. Choice is the only power we possess that we must truly choose to invoke, from then on as long as we remain focused (intent) on our desired outcome our will power will do the rest.

Our entire lives boil down to choice. Our lives become what we choose.


  1. So true, its a scary yet empowering feeling.

  2. In the words of the holy triumvirate, Rush, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

    Interesting musings, good sir.

  3. Sometimes the power of Choice overcomes our goodwill, or our hearts telling us something and choice telling us differently.

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  5. This is quite a fascinating knot of logic, I have to say. Philosophical. But yeah, your blog is quite fun to read, and as such, I've taken to following it. :D

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  6. To me one of the most amazing features of life is the fact that very little almost insignificant decisions we take in life will often be the spark that lights a relationship or a friendship, an action as trivial like going out of the house five minutes late will end up in you meeting the person that eventually became a very good friend. Think back on any of your friends, or girlfriends/boyfriends and try to remember how you first met them, how a comment you made triggered the event that lead you into your future bf/gf.

    To me that is one of the biggest wonders of life, and just another example of How I Lost My Fate


    i did it too :D