Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Attraction: It's the Law

Physical law is immutable. We drop a cup full of liquid, and a mess is created. Even in the realm of quantum particles things still seem to conform to a set of laws or patterns that, while confounding, are persistent. You shoot electrons through a double slit and as long as you don't measure the results the electrons behave like waves. If you do measure the results the electrons behave like particles. This phenomenon is confusing and perplexing, yet constant and as such has allowed physicist to theorize around it. The why of this phenomenon has, in a way, been swept under the rug because it is simply irrelevant to predicting the way the physical system will behave. Physicist don't need to know why this happens, just that it happens and when it happens; science can only deal with the measurable. Even though, if thought about, the why of this phenomenon could have huge implications on our understanding of the physical. The inescapable answer is that somehow our measurement or observation of the experiment has some sort of effect on its outcome. Yet, the why of this phenomenon is not measurable in a laboratory under rigorous controls and thus is outside the realm of Institutionalized Academia. So, that being the case, we the individual, are left to run our own experiments. I'm going to share with you my personal conclusions and the ramifications of my results.

If our observation of the physical system we exist within changes the behavior of that system then we can only come to the conclusion that we are some how "linked-in" to the reality we observe. When I first had these thoughts they seemed so vague and intangible that I just sort of put the thought process on the "back burner" and let it simmer for a while. Slowly I began to notice a correlation with my mood and the circumstance I was experiencing. That is to say, a negative mood to start off with would only bring me more strife throughout the day in various ways be it getting stuck in traffic, having unruly customers at work, or stubbing my toe, these seemingly random events seemed to only occur if there existed a mood within me that was conductive to sparking them. Likewise if I started off the day the happy and thankful way the gladness in my day just seemed to gain momentum and the world around me felt like a beautiful dance. I felt like the cosmos was either conspiring for or against me and the outcome was based on my mood.

Ask and you shall receive.

With this new unfurling information I began to wonder what the scope of this phenomenon was. Did it only respond to mood and only with seemingly random positive or negative events? Or perhaps, could one learn to submit more specific request?

One of the experiments we conducted was to take a board and affix to it tickets from a concert we had recently attended. We, my partner and I, both set the intention to draw to ourselves the experience of more concerts. Then we went on with our lives with the board being nothing more than a decoration in the corner of the room. About a week later my partner won tickets to a concert from a radio station. After we went we added the ticket stubs to the board and continued the intention to attract more of this experience. An influx of concert attending thus began. We did not seek out concerts to attend, rather they seemed to seek us out.

My partner took this experiment and built upon it. One day she was running late for work and instead of looking at the clock constantly and concerning herself with what the time currently was she decided to focus on what time she wanted it to be when she got there. She turned off the radio so as to not hear the time. When she arrived at work she was right on time. I have repeated this same experiment with success. These sorts of experiments seem to rely heavily on the mood of the one conducting them. Whether you execute the experiment with the expectation (feeling) of failure (negativity), or success (positivity) the results will match your expectation.

The conclusion I've managed to come up with is that we attract to us the experiences of our lives. Our thoughts, patterns (habits), and feelings all flow out of us, hit some sort of metaphorical mirror, and bounce back in the form of physical experience. Reality and the physical laws as described by science can be bent or molded by some force that comes from within us.

I can only begin to ponder how things got this way. My observations of patterns within nature suggest an elegance and intelligence behind them. I'm not suggesting that an all knowing all powerful man in the sky created everything; I'm only suggesting that perhaps everything that is - is intelligent. Maybe we are intelligent beings walking about in an intelligent world. If the world is intelligent it only stands to reason there is communication between its various parts - as in our own bodies. Maybe everything that is, is just one big conversation of which we get to play an active role.


  1. Some of these basic human laws aren't avoidable despite attempts made by thousands across the globe.

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