Monday, October 18, 2010

I still exist

I haven't updated in quite some time and I felt an explanation of sorts was in order. Life has dealt me a strange hand these past few weeks and has thrown me for a loop. It seems that a stream of thoughts and feelings I have been having over these past few years is all coming to a head at once. It has come to a point where action must be taken. Said action is dramatic and quite possibly life-changing. I am being vague because, while the action is dramatic, I do not yet know when or what precisely it is. I have many possibilities in front of me and life demands that I pick one. If I were to publicly state what my intention is via this medium I feel I would have to follow though with my word and I choose not to limit my options at this time. I will say that circumstance is causing me to have to choose because continuing the way things are is not possible. It's funny that when we dwell on thoughts and feelings enough sometimes life presents the perfect way to achieve the goal. The circumstances that force the change oftentimes seem planned and I am but an actor acting out my role of choosing one thing or another. I am an attractor of experience and a chooser, life - the cosmos - does the rest. I am okay with this. I will continue this blog and update as frequently as the circumstances at hand allow. I plan to publish an actual article soon.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hopefully your choice, whatever it may be, works out in your favor, good sir. No rush on getting back to your blog. Real life always takes precedence, and I think most of us here understand that.