Sunday, August 29, 2010

So, what is really important?

Importance doesn't come in the form of personal or business relations, or social status. Your business can go under and you'll find yourself with no income; just as you can be famous and still starve to death. If you found yourself on this planet and you knew nothing of social interactions would your first priority be to find a job? Of course not. So, what WOULD you do?

Fantastic as they are, physical bodies require a lot attention and energy to be maintained in tip-top condition. The physical body requires shelter from the elements, food, and water in order to survive. Since you agreed to occupy a physical body these are important things!

The next set of blog-posts will be along the lines of physical survival and establishing importance.


  1. Family is important.

  2. Video games are important. Look at the glass half full brother.

  3. This sort of importance will vary from individual to individual. I am asking readers to consider their needs. It's easy to say "Food, water, and shelter," and leave it at that. But, let's just say you're an alien to this planet and you can not communicate with the life forms, you have no money obviously, and to top it all off you know the "intelligent" inhabitants of this planet still have not out-grown their hostile tendencies. The answer is you would perish with no knowledge of how to survive in this situation. Now, I'm going to take this one step further: Odds are you are an alien to this planet. No, I don't mean that you are from another planet. I simply mean that if your society was pulled out from underneath you, you would fall - hard. A native to this planet would be at home in his natural environment and be capable of surviving. Your societies are great, immature, but great. However, the truth is, there is nothing inherently natural about them or the way they function. Sadly this has blinded most humans to the abundance of Earth and has tricked them into competition with one another. Earth has boundless abundance - but only for those who have the eyes to see it.

    I wish you peace! :)