Monday, August 30, 2010

The First Lesson: Abundance

There exist enough natural resources on your planet to provide food, water, energy, transportation, and shelter to every single human being with no one excluded - for free. This statement is too hard for some to swallow. It's hard to believe because the dominant institutions have created a veil of artificial scarcity.

The Veil of Artificial Scarcity 

Whether you live in a Capitalist, Socialist, or Communist nation money drives everything in your society. The idea of money is based on scarcity. Scarcity that in actuality doesn't even exist anymore. Food that is grown is shipped to the grocery stores - or sometimes to packaging companies and then to stores. Instead, what if the food was given to people in the local community? Let's just take apples as an example: A farmer grows the apple. A shipping company ships it to the store. The apple then sits on a shelf and watches as a few of the apples around him are sold. The apple waits. Then an employee of the store comes and takes the apple and places him in a box along with several of the other apples. That box goes into the dumpster. This is not intelligent behavior. Ask any farmer why he doesn't just give his produce to the community and you will get the same basic answer, "I can't afford it." And why didn't the homeless person just go and get those apples so they didn't go to waste? They couldn't afford it. Do you see?

If humanity would pool resources and work together, instead of competing amongst themselves for pieces of paper printed and controlled by a handful of people, this could be a much more wonderful and abundant planet. I have faith that humanity will overcome this veil and will free themselves of the imposed artificial scarcity.