Friday, September 3, 2010

The New World Order

The truth of the matter is that the fascist new world order is not nearly as complicated as the disinformation can lead one to believe. All of the disinformation is designed to keep people seperated. When in fact, the whole "conspiracy" is painfully simple, and has been in plain sight the whole time. The elite in reality do not care if a nation is Socialist, Communistic, or Capitalistic and they don't care if you vote Democrat or Republican. In every single scenario be it a Democratic Capitalist nation, or a Communistic Dictatorship the elitist win. How is it that a handful of people can maintain such an upper-hand? What is it that every single form of government has in common? Well, it can't be in the political policies either domestic or foreign as the elite have always maintained control before, during, and after every single revolution. How can this happen? I know I've asked several times, but I really want you to stop and think. Every single option we are given for society - they win. How? Do you really want the answer? You probably won't like it.

The means by which the elitist have maintained an upper-hand over the population is by the use of a single tool; that tool, is money. Every single option we have been given for government has built within it Monetary-ism, which acts as a hidden form of government. If you manage the currency you manage politics - from behind a curtain. That's it! The "complicated" Fascist New World Order "conspiracy" explained. Through the management of money the hidden hand of the elite dictate to us and our governments throughout our lives and throughout history. How though? Do you know what it is about Monetary-ism that leads every form of government in the direction of dictatorship? It's the fact that within the very idea of money is the profit motive. Why doesn't the homeless person have food? He can't afford it. Why don't farmers just give food away to feed the hungry? They can't afford it. Within a profit motive it makes more sense to just let the food rot and be thrown out than it does to give it to someone who is starving.

This creates another illusion: the illusion of scarcity. There is no scarcity! Scarcity is an outright bold-faced lie. There are more than enough resources on this planet to sustain us all. We could feed, clothe, educate, shelter, air condition, and provide transport to every single human being with no one left behind - for free. That is, without the profit motive. But who would make the stuff we enjoy so much if things were free?

Technology is far, far more advanced than most people realize. Human technicians can develop automated machines to do ninety percent of tasks performed by humans. From sweeping and mopping, to making clothes and seeding/tending to crops. The jobs that at present are not able to be done by machines are unnecessary in the first place. For example, we aren't going to have a machine releasing a hit new movie starring only machines any time soon. However, in a world without the profit motive activities such as singing, acting, and making other forms of art are not jobs that require compensation, but instead simply things people do because they're fun. This is achievable right now with the resources that already exist.

Survival of the fittest has done an amazing job getting reality to the point where the emergence of a conscious species on our tiny little planet has taken place. That's the kicker though: we are conscious. We are the only species on our planet that takes more than it needs for survival and we do so with complete disregard to the environmental consequences. It is time we stop giving in to the reptilian hindbrain, the serpent of old, which says there isn't enough to go around, and instead turn our attention to listen to our mammalian instincts of compassion and love. Love, not fear or greed. Sharing instead of hoarding. Brotherhood, no longer divided. We can achieve this! The result would not be a utopia; as the only constant in the universe is change and the very idea of a Utopia implies finality. Therefore perfection within a societal structure does not exist. We can, however, make things a lot better than what they are now - for everyone.

I write this asking that you join me - us - as, we are many. There is a movement already that has the potential to lead us to this future where starvation, and homelessness are abolished. If we are to succeed though, we must reach as many people as possible. Once a critical mass is reached the action of walking away from the monetary system and reclaiming earth's resources for all of humanity will take place. We will care for crops, produce goods, and intelligently and sustainably manage the resources of the planet so that every living person has more than they need. We will do this as a people united, without government help or permission. The drive to better humanity will trump the profit motive. Technology will experience an apparent leap and the tedious jobs of every day life will be replaced by machines and no one will lose their livelihood - as money, the hidden government, the elite - will be a thing of the past. We the dreamers have slept long and hard and have dreamed up a wonderful future, but now the alarm clock is going off and it's time we wake up. The hour is upon us, it's time we create our dream. A new world order is coming, but it is we who get to decide if it is a fascist order, or a peaceful and prosperous order. I believe in peace, love, and unity above all else - what do you believe?

Educate yourself. Educate others. Unite.

Let's choose love.